Mama's Wok V.I.P. Club

Mama's Wok is part of the Lokvale Group of restaurants, a leader in the quick service industry in Australia with several brands under management. Mama's Wok now presents our 'V.I.P. Card', proudly brought to you by Lokvale Group!

The 'V.I.P Club' program ensures that we reward our customers every day, allowing them to earn points and redeem dishes at participating Mama's Wok restaurants across Australia.

Here are some great benefits:

  • Collect points that are redeemable towards future purchases
  • Earn free menu items or discounts off your order using points earned from repeat visits to our restaurants

Simply visit a participating store and fill in an application form to start earning your rewards today!


  • There is no membership or joining fee
  • Lost cards will incur a $5.00 replacement fee

    Benefits for Members

    • 10 Points will be rewarded for every $1.00 spent at participating Mama’s Wok Restaurants. This reward is applicable to only the cash value paid. Points will not be rewarded on the portion of orders paid or partially paid with reward points
    • Points can be used to redeem cash discounts on Mama’s Wok purchases. Reward points are not redeemable for actual cash
    • Reward points will expire on the annual membership expiry date (31 December), starting from 2017, and cannot be carried forward to the next year
    • Benefits can only be claimed on presentation of current Mama’s Wok V.I.P. Card
    • Should the V.I.P. Club program be discontinued, members will receive one month’s notice to redeem their existing points. Any unredeemed points after closure of the program will be forfeited.

    Earning Points

    • Customers earn 10 points per $1.00 spent at participating Mama’s Wok restaurants

    Redeeming Points

    • Customers are entitled to redeem $1.00 off their purchase for every 200 points earned
    • Points CANNOT be used to redeem pre-packaged drinks (soft drink, bottled water or tea). However, freshly made drinks may be redeemed.

    Additional Terms & Conditions

    • The responsible party issuing this V.I.P. Card is Lokvale Group Pty Ltd (“Lokvale Group”) (ABN 72 169 297 465)
    • Lokvale Group will not be responsible for the replacement of lost or stolen V.I.P. Cards or gift vouchers
    • The V.I.P. Card is not a credit or change card and remains the property of Lokvale Group and is not transferable. The V.I.P. Card may only be used at participating Mama’s Wok restaurants, which may change from time to time.
    • Lokvale Group reserves the right at all times to make any changes to the terms & conditions, rewards or benefits offered at its sole discretion
    • Lokvale Group reserves the right to refuse any application of membership without having to give reason
    • Lokvale Group reserves the right to terminate this V.I.P. Club scheme at any time giving no less than 30 days prior written notice to members
    • If you provide an email address or mobile telephone number on the application form, you consent to Lokvale Group using this email address and/or your mobile telephone number to email and/or SMS you for any of the purposes of marketing of the Lokvale Group restaurants
    • Lokvale Group will take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from unauthorised access, misuse, modification and disclosure while stored or transmitted by us
    • Customers may opt-out at any time by sending an email to
    • In case of any conflict, ambiguity or discrepancy between the original English version of the terms & conditions and its Chinese translation, the English version shall prevail


    Rhodes Waterside

    Shop 47, Rhodes Waterside, 1 Rider Blvd,

    Rhodes  NSW  2138

    Phone:  (02) 8765 9668

    Fax:  (02) 8765 8669


    Macarthur Square


    Level 1, C006-07, Macarthur Square, Kellicar Rd,

    Campbelltown  NSW  2560

    Phone:  (02) 4627 9989