Mama’s Wok is an up and trendy restaurant, which introduces its patrons to the authentic delights of Asian and Chinese cuisine. The dining environment is inspired by the rustic look of Southern China, whilst combining modern elements into the architecture. This restaurant is created to provide diners with a unique and complete dining experience where the environment complements the food, thus allowing one to relax and enjoy the beauties of life. In line with its name, Mama’s Wok cooks up the authentic home-style flavour in a trendy yet traditional environment, providing the perfect mix of Asian dining for today’s modern society. Whether you are interested in a quick lunch or a more unwinding experience, patrons have a choice in the very intimate atmosphere with candle lit tables and soft background music. Additionally, a fully serviced bar that will operate later into the night is on its way to enhance the experiences of our customers So, whether it is a friendly gathering, business meeting, or a family dinner, Mama’s Wok will make it a memorable event. At Mama’s Wok, you can find all the flavours and features from China, particularly the South. 


The philosophy at Mama’s Wok is simple. Provide patrons with a memorable and complete dining experience through good quality food and a unique atmosphere. Everyone loves their mother’s cooking, and at Mama’s Wok, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Home-styled dishes created with honesty and love, served in an environment that brings out the distinct Chinese experience whilst combining the tastes of modernity.


Our team of experienced chefs are highly trained in the art of Chinese cooking, having developed the best culinary skills for their industry. Patrons can rest assured that they are in the best possible hands for experiencing authentic Chinese cooking. Our staff are on hand to make your dining experience a unique and unforgettable one. In line with our philosophy, our customers’ experience ranks as the highest priority. Whether it is the flavours, service or environment, Mama’s Wok is sure to give you the warm and reminiscent feelings of home.

Ava & Team Mama's Wok Rhodes


Rhodes Waterside

Shop 47, Rhodes Waterside, 1 Rider Blvd,

Rhodes  NSW  2138

Phone:  (02) 8765 9668

Fax:  (02) 8765 8669


Macarthur Square

Level 1, C006-07, Macarthur Square, Kellicar Rd,

Campbelltown  NSW  2560

Phone:  (02) 4627 9989